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2013 MS Bike - New Bern NC



MS Bike Race Saturday Ham Schedule
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MS Bike Race Sunday Ham Schedule
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MS Bike Race Crisis Info
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  • HAM POC's, please ensure all your volunteers get a copy of this as I don't have all of their email addresses. I've included the volunteers not covered in the Raleigh and Goldsboro list.
  • We have a number of new volunteers this year, both out of Raleigh and I would like to welcome the volunteer out of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Association.
  • Attached is the Crisis Management Plan in PDF.
  • The updated rosters have been very fluid and as in all things, change is constant.  
  • Ham Operators & SAG Meeting

          Saturday Morning at 0630

          Convention Center Lobby

          No meeting is planned for Sunday.  

          Info will be passed on air if needed


  • Net Control will be located in Union Park at the usual place.  All are invited to stop by to say hello during the day and certainly before leaving the event.
  • The MS Bike Event conducts a dinner on Saturday (early evening), all are welcome.


Frequencies will be as follows:



       Primary:  Grifton   146.685 --   negative offset --    88.5 PL Tone

       Back-up: Trenton  145.310 --   negative offset --    82.5 PL Tone


    Primary:  Oriental 147.210 -- positive offset --   151.4 PL Tone

       Back-up: Grifton   146.685 -- negative offset --   88.5 PL Tone

These repeaters performed greatly for us last year. If you can't get in, raise power, lift your antenna, move to another location, even 3 feet can make a huge difference sometimes. Do something and try again. Don't just repeat what we already missed, because we will miss it the second time too.

        2  M Simplex frequency will be 147.420
       70 CM Simplex frequency will be 445.950

Big year this year as it is the 25th Anniversary and a great, fun and rewarding event.

Thanks & Semper Fi,

Bill Sanford